Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly News 2-24-12

Field Trip Fun

We enjoyed our visit to Lutheran High and seeing so many Zion alum involved in the production.  The fairy tales were quite "Twisted" and we liked looking at how a play is staged.  We took notes for our Grandparents Day skit.


To culminate our study of modifiers, our English class has been looking at propaganda techniques in advertising.  Students are creating an imaginary product and designing the packaging and commercial (of course - using adjectives and adverbs!) Check out the link we used to investigate tricks of the trade.
Buying Smart-PBSkids

Research Paper
 Watch for information midweek on our English/Social studies research paper.  This is a 6+ week project.  Your child will need 100 3x5" notecards and rubberbands.  Please plan for a library trip between Wednesday and Sunday next week to allow your child to look for resources. 

TO COME HOME MONDAY:  Here are 2 information bits that did not get into Friday Folders today.  Look for them Monday.

1)  Invitation to the Zion Church Junior High Lock-In:  Friday, March 2, 8 p.m. to Saturday, March 3, 7 a.m.   Event includes devotions, games, midnight pizza, breakfast and sleep???

2)  Invitation to GRANDPARENTS DAY on Friday, March 9.

3)  Dismissal form for GRANDPARENTS DAY - This is a noon dismissal day and grandparents may be your child's transportation. Please return the form promptly so we know who will be picking up that day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekly News 2-16-11

Monday marked the midpoint in the 3rd quarter.  Please take this opportunity to review your child's grades with him or her.  We are at the point in the school year when there are fewer review concepts  and more new material is being introduced.  This is a great opportunity for your child to set goals for the second half of the quarter.  Please contact me with any questions you have.
Two Weeks in Pictures

                        Our class used a Helen Keller article to lead into a study of disabilities:
Learning sign language
Simulating a visual perception disability - what do you see in the mirror?
How would you use a scissors if you had only one arm?
Creative thinking!!
My name is...
Fingerspelling is Fun!

                                              Math class took a trip into the 3rd Dimension

Studying polyhedrons
Face, edge or vertexz?

                       Our bus trip to Edison Theatre revealed the 6th grade BOBCAT SPIRIT
On the bus - Our team is HOT!!

Batman and Superman??

                                                               Jump Rope for Heart

Jumping for the American Heart Association

Hoops for Heart

Hula for Heart??
How long can you hula?

Mrs. Steinbacher getting into the fun

Enjoying friends and serving others

REMINDER:  Field Trip - LHS Drama Twisted Tales - 
Thursday, Feb. 23
Thank you for promptly returning permission slips on Tuesday.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly News 2-11-12

Disability Awareness

In Literature this week, we read a personal narrative of Helen Keller. and have begun viewing The Miracle Worker, the story of Helen's teacher Anne Sullivan.  This article gave us an opportunity to discover and explore what is would be like to be "differently abled"  through simulations of blindness, deafness, learning disabilities, and other impairments. You may have seen your child practicing sign language!  With each activity, we are discussing how we can be a Christian friend and how we as a church body can help make the Gospel message more accessible to those who have an impairment.  Look for pictures to come!

Brian Young: Creation

Creation expert, Brian Young, will be featured at Zion's Speaker Series Wednesday evening, Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. and then talk to our JH students Thursday at 1 p.m.  He will help answer questions that include the age of the earth, the flood, and dinosaurs.   He will share the Biblical view of creation from a scientist's viewpoint and how we can keep our faith in a world that leans toward evolution in media and textbooks.  Please consider attending one of the speaker sessions!  (Note: Other schools have been invited to the Thursday event, so there may be balcony seating only.)

Reminder:  Bring PE clothes Monday for Jump Rope for Heart!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly News 2-3-11

Field Trips in February

We have 2 exciting theater opportunities this month.  NEXT FRIDAY, the sixth graders will attend Edison Theatre at Washington U. for a performance of the Cashore Marionettes.  We will travel by bus leaving at 9:00 a.m.  Plan for a sack lunch as we will need to eat in classrooms when we return.  Further details will come home on the permission slip on MONDAY.  Click here for a preview: Marionettes

Then on FEBRUARY 23,  the drama Department of Lutheran High has invited us to see their performance of "Twisted Tales".   We will also travel by bus this day, but return in time for hot lunch.

I am excited that Zion is able to provide learning outside the classroom.  Thank you in advance for getting permission slips returned promptly.

Valentine's Day
We will celebrate Valentine's Day with treats provided by our room parents.  We do not have a card exchange, but if students choose to bring in valentines, they should include one for each student in the class.  (Class list available under the "Class Info" tab above.   Any gift you are planning to give to a friend or special someone must be exchanged off campus per Zion's policy (Family Handbook p.35 - found under "Resources" on the Zion website).

Cell Phones
Students were reminded this week of Zion's Cell Phone policy (Family Handbook p.19).  If a cell phone is displayed or used in any way, it will be confiscated and sent to the office to be picked up by a parent.  Necessary and emergency phone service is available to students with teacher permission.

Science Cell Projects