Friday, February 15, 2013

Jump Rope for Heart

 by class blogger: Julian P.

On Tuesday in gym we did jump rope and basketball. We had fun spent time with our friends and we can't wait until next year.

from Mrs. R.  - Unfortunately I forgot to charge the camera battery, so we have no photos of that event.  Ask your child about records sent for number of minutes jumping and hula-hooping!

Due Dates

Book Orders:  Monday, Feb. 18  Online Code:  GV2FP
Box Tops:  Tuesday, Feb. 19
Yearbooks (online or send in a check): Wednesday, Feb. 20

Ski Notes - A few comments from the Field Trip

When I kept falling on the big slope and I couldn't make it then finally on my last try I made it all the way down without falling.  Lukas P.

 The hardest part was walking in the skis because I started to fall down the hill. The best part was going down the big hill.- Zach C.

The best part was hanging out with my friends.  Skiing was easier than it looked.  It was really fun skiing down the big hill but it looked hard.  - Justin D.

When on the tow rope, Kurt fell then we all fell over on top of each other.  - Evelyn S.

The best part was skiing with our friend all day and getting to be with them all day.  - Caroline J.

The best part was when we went down the huge bumpy slope and flying down the hills.  - Emily S.

My favorite memory from the ski trip was the skiing part.  The bad part was twisting my ankle.  It hurt.  - Julian P.

When I got to go on the ski lift with my mom.  We went to the top and make it off the ski lift successfully.  - Trevor N.

My favorite part of the ski trip was when I went down the really hard hill.  I didn't fall!! - Erin M.

The best part of our ski trip was spending the whole time with our friends.  The hardest part was getting up the hills and on the tow ropes.  I thought I was going to break something, but I didn't!  God's light shone through us when we were patient.  - Ashley V.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly blog

What's New?


We have been following Saul's and David's stories and to apply the petitions of the Lord's Prayer to our lives.  Most recently we have looks at "and lead us not into temptation." We saw David's downfall and how God led him to repentance.  We rejoice in God's love and grace!


We have ended our Non-Fiction Unit watching the Helen Keller story in Disney's Miracle Worker this week.  I was very proud of our students sharing personal experience of dealing with their own unique experiences such as ADHD and asthma.  We celebrated how God makes us all unique and how He gives us the strength face the challenges we have in our lives.  We also are empowered by God's Spirit to reach out and help others.

Next up:  DRAMA


After our short story unit, we are working with adjectives and adverbs.  As part these units, students will learn advertising techniques and create our own products to "sell." At the end of 3rd quarter we will start research papers. 

Social Studies:

We have looked at India and the comparative advantages a country has that lead other nations to outsource jobs.  Our Asian studies take us next to China, then Japan to explore population issues.


Students have been working with Mr. Braddy in learning 1 and 2 point perspective.  It's amazing how a few lines can make 3D images appear to jump off the page!


March 3-8  Scholastic Book Fair

Friday, March 8 - Grandparents Day  (Our 6th grade class will perform a radio drama at the morning program, then grandparents can visit classrooms.  All the classes join together for a 11:00 chapel and then classes dismiss at noon.)

March 18-22  Achievement Test Week  (Please try to avoid appointments this week).

Friday, February 1, 2013

NLSW-Friday Ski Trip

Hidden Valley Ski Trip

What a wonderful experience we had today!  The sun was out,  barely any wind, and we were dressed to meet the cold.  Students challenged themselves to try something new and there was an outpouring of encouraging words, helping hands, and laughter. I was very proud of the students today.  God is good!