Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun at the Pep Rally!

Class visit to 2E to share our SS projects.  They came home this week for you to enjoy!

 Thursday we had the chance to cheer on the A team girls and the cheerleading squad who head to the State Basketball tournament in Jeff City today.  Blessings to Jenna, Colleen, Ally, Ellie and Callie!

What's happening?

Lit- Wrapping up Non-Fiction with a look at biographical writings.  After our test this week, we will spend a few days learning about disabilites, inspired by our reading from Helen Keller.

S.S. - China and population issues

Art - A quick grid "hidden picture" to prep us to work with graphing and valueshading.

Religion - Students have been researching our school chapel offering project to help encourage our schoolmates to give of their blessings.  Student have made posters, are creating a presentation to share, and have contacted the Sparrow's Nest to arrange a guest speaker to our class. 

English - We will move into some punctuation lessons as well as basic outlining and paragraph writing to prep for the 4th quarter research paper. 

Would you buy this?

Apologies not to have all the products yet (and for the sideways shots).  My camera didn't like me today!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Quick Notes:
 Book Orders - Please finish placing any online orders by noon Saturday.  Thanks!

Auction is coming- I hope you are getting excited for the annual auction on April 4.  Our class will be donating a Coffee Basket.  Watch for information from room moms this week!

Empty container/box:  Students, don't forget to bring a container in on Monday to create your product for our Advertising and Propaganda study with adverbs and adjectives!

Grandparents Day:  Your child's grandparent or special friend is invited to join us for a special Grandparents Day on March 14.  Watch for information to come home, especially the permission slip to send your child home with a different driver that day.

Thrive Parent meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 26 - 8:00 p.m.  We've had such a great response from parents that we will most likely hold our meeting in the church - I'll let you know.

Social Studies:

This week in Social Studies, we visited 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders to show off our country "lapbook" projects.  Students picked a country that participated in the Olympics to research and showcase facts in a variety of creative ways.  I was very impressed with the interaction of the 6th graders with the younger students, asking questions and getting them involved with learning.  What a fun week!