Friday, May 16, 2014

Last Week of 6th Grade

Here's our exciting last week of school:

Monday - wrapping up classes: 
                 QUIZ/TEST DAY!!
                 bring cold lunch

Tuesday - wrapping up classes
                 STUCO Great Skate - Field Trip
                     **student may come to school in Zion spirit shirt/jeans/standardized shorts/SOCKS
                 bring cold lunch w/ drink to eat in classroom


REMINDERS:  Please have your child here between 6:30 and 6:40 a.m. on Wednesday so we can have our devotions and final preparations for our field trip.  Pickup is by 6:00 p.m.

DRESS:  Casual shorts are acceptable- the weather is looking very nice that day.  Please wear a Zion shirt,  and bring a jacket for the bus/if it rains. 

 IF IT RAINS: Bring a change of shoes/clothes in a plastic grocery bag that we could put wet things into after we change.

SHOPPING:  A gift shop is available.  If your child wishes to shop, please send in no more than $20. Have this in an envelope, marked with your child's name to be held by the teacher until the appropriate shopping time.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thursday - wrapping up classes
                    yearbook signing
                     bring cold lunch

FRIDAY - closing chapel and awards ceremony
                  10:00a.m.  Dismissal

Social Studies

To round out our World Geography study, students were interviewing each other as "immigrants" to the U.S.  Some immigrants were pushed out of their countries for very challenging situations like war or poverty.  Others were pulled to the U.S. with hopes of better opportunities.  Students had to bring in "artifacts" from their homeland to help tell their stories.  It was surprising to discover life did not always get easier or better for all immigrants.

On Monday, we will be learning about the Lutheran Saxon immigrants in preparation for our field trip on Wednesday.

Friday, May 9, 2014

What's happening in 6th grade?

Religion - Following the witness of the apostles in the Book of Acts .  We are looking at witnessing skills and we preview the history of Lutherans from Germany coming to Missouri in preparation for our field trip on the 21st.

Literature - We enjoyed the movie version of Tuck Everlasting  today.  We wrap up the year with  stories of oral tradition.  Do you have any stories that have been passed down in your family?  What a great way to share family history, the culture of what is what like "back when I was a kid,"  and stories of faith to your children.  We will end with Greek mythology.

English - Finishing the year with pronouns

Social Studies - Looking at Mexico, we started with the Aztec civilization to preview the 7th grade World History course.  In Modern Mexico, we have seen how spatial inequality is evidenced in the "haves" and the "have nots," bringing up many discussions on ethics.  Ending the year, we will examine reasons why people choose to immigrate from a variety of countries to the U.S. 

Art - Check out the beginnings of our foil animal sculptures:

Great Skate - May 20

Due to the construction on campus, we will be doing an alternate activity to our JH Field Day.  See the permission slip that come home today.  Kindly return it Monday with $5.00 for admission/skate rental (same price whether you bring your own skates)

Field Trip - May 21   -

Watch for permission slips to come home MONDAY for our end of the year filed trip to Saxon Memorial.  REMEMBER - arrival is between 6:30 and 6:45 a.m. that day and we will return by 6:00 p.m.  (in our comfy charter bus!!)

Substitute Tues/Wed.

I will be traveling to Ontario to attend my grandfather's funeral next week.  He was a devoted Christian and a model of faith in our family and the community.  We celebrate his joining the Lord!  Thank you for your prayers. 

Friday, May 2, 2014


What an amazing week it has been with the presenters from Thrive.  Students laughed and learned, they were challenged and intrigued.  I hope you have had many opportunities to have talks this week with your child and instill your values.  A resource to which you may want to refer is Concordia Publishing's, How to Talk to Your Child Confidently About S....  (I censored that in case of spam blockers).

A great conversation took place today when our speaker put up examples from modern media:  "Teen Moms", "Jersey Shore", Katy Perry, and then from "classic" family shows "Full House", "Cosby Show", "Family Matters", and "Fresh Prince."  What a difference in the conflicts, consequences, and how people deal with problems  What a difference in how families are portrayed.  When we listen to music and watch shows, it can affect us emotionally, even when we don't agree with the message.  Not all media is bad, but we need to be careful about what we put into our minds and hearts.

Today in Computer Lab, we explored a variety of Contemporary Christian music.  Students in both classes will be leading a devotion this month based on a song they discover. They are looking for things in the lyrics that apply to their lives and making a Bible application.  It's fun to see them discover the wealth of positive music in the media!

30 seconds to pass sponges around the room
What?  I'm infected??

Tuck Everlasting

In Literature, students have been reading the novel,  Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt and then leading small group discussions in "book club" format.  We are exploring the literary elements of foreshadowing, character development, motive, and universal theme as the characters ponder the benefits and downfalls of living forever.  It is exciting to look at the novel through the eyes of faith as we discussed God's original design in Eden as well as our eternal life in the heavenly home he has prepared for us.  Students are discovering the blessings God gives us in this life through the many stages we live and even more blessings to be received in eternity with Him!  We will culminate the novel this coming week with creative projects.

Please stop by the Welcome Center between services this weekend to see our cross art on display

I promise they will be hung correctly (couldn't get the photo to rotate - UGGH)