Friday, April 24, 2015

Thrive Next Week

Next week we welcome Thrive Best Choice to lead our Religion classes.  Through this program, students will be involved in active discussions about setting goals, healthy relationships, puberty, and making God-pleasing decisions.  An outline came home last month.  To help you prepare for discussions with your child at home, here are the topics for the week.  I pray that you use these as opportunities to open the dialogue with your child and share your values with them.  Research shows parents are still the number one influence on their teens!

Monday:  Goals, Risky Behaviors, and Decision Making
Tuesday: Respect, Friendships, and Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships
Wednesday: Male/Female Puberty  
Thursday: STDs
Friday: Media Influence, Boundaries, and Refusal Skills

Lutheran High Fine Arts Fest - tomorrow 8-12 

Blessings to all choir and band members at the Lutheran High fine arts fest tomorrow!  Stop by the gym to see our Chinese windballs and other amazing art!

 This week in pictures

Small groups discussing Tuck Everlasting

  Book clubs talking

We each had a job - like Connector or Discussion Director

Book Club! Ya

Presenting about chapel offerings

More Presenting

Mr. Brockman and Mrs. Kuhlman hung this up! Thank You!

Little ones to him belong learning about Chapel!

We enjoyed presenting!
Pastor Sam led our Chapel on Wednesday and shared an eye opening example of how people in India don't know Jesus and our hesitant to defy the evil spirits of the Hindu religion.  Yet the children are learning about Jesus and bringing the faith to their famiiies!  One item our offerings are purchasing is a slide projector that will travel with the missionaries as they do talks in different villages.

Taylor and Julia doing some Earth day clean up!!

Maddie, Julia, Taylor C, Landon, David, and Austin found a big yoga mat and drug it up a steep hill!

Finished with Earth day clean up, and found some interesting trash!! Hooray!

Science class: Discovering magnetic fields

Saturday, April 18, 2015

He is Risen, Indeed!

We continued to celebrate the Resurrection this week as we learn about the disciples on the road to Emmaus and Thomas with his doubts assured by the peace and presence of Christ.  Easter lives on in our daily lives as we – like the disciples – eagerly share the good news that JESUS IS ALIVE!

Writing, writing, writing

Students are now into the drafting phase of the research process.  We spent time learning a thesis statement, introductions, outlines, topic sentences, and how to organize writing.  Technical skills we are learning include manuevering through Google Docs, formatting the structure of a paper, alignment, margins, tabs, cut/paste, bullets, and the auto correct features.  The entire first draft will be due on Tuesday.  Conferencing with individuals will continue in the revision stage and students may make appointments to meet with me at study halls, before, or after school if they wish to have additional help.

Tuck Everlasting

In Literature, students have begun reading the novel,  Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt and then leading small group discussions in "book club" format.  We are exploring the literary elements of foreshadowing, character development, motive, and universal theme as the characters ponder the benefits and downfalls of living forever.  It is exciting to look at the novel through the eyes of faith as we discussed God's original design in Eden as well as our eternal life in the heavenly home he has prepared for us.  Students are discovering the blessings God gives us in this life through the many stages we live and even more blessings to be received in eternity with Him!  We will culminate the novel with creative projects.

What Else is New?

S.S. - We are concluding a study of SW Asia and our connection to these oil producing nations
Math - Fractions, Percents, and Statistics
Religion - Wrapping up our study of Christ's Passion and continuing our promotion of chapel offerings amongst our schoolmates
Science - After a quick intro to atoms, we will begin a study of magnetism and electricity

Thursday, April 2, 2015

God’s Blessings on your Easter!

Zion offers WONDERFUL services at Easter time.  The service times are as follows:

Good Friday
3:30 pm and 7:00 pm

Easter Vigil 

5:00 pm
The Resurrection of Our Lord
Easter Sunday

 8:00 am, 9:30 am and 11:00 am

**6th grade Cross Art is on display in the back of the Welcome Center this weekend.


Happy National Poetry Month

The students were excited to write concrete poems during our poetry unit.  These are posted in the lower hall of the JH building.  Come in and enjoy some of their creativity when you drop your child off in the mornings!

 Art in progress

Have you seen a lot of coloring going on?  Here is a glimpse of what the final windball will look like.

Prayers continue

A week ago, Tuesday, Zion held a memorial service for preschooler Drew A. who lost his battle with cancer a year ago.  We continue to hold his family in our prayers.  Thanks to our class photographer of the week, Sam V. for this photo remembrance as well as our other photos this week.

Have a blessed Easter Break!  We'll be ready to come back refresed to an exciting 7 weeks of school and some of my favorite units to teach.