Friday, December 18, 2015

Week 18: Merry Christmas!

Have a very Blessed Christmas!

Today we had a special Christmas worship led by our 8th graders.  In the drama, students watched a Jr. High youth group struggle with a service activity and putting their hearts in the right place as they learned how to share their faith and help their neighbors. For you long timers, the drama was written by former 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Steffens.  Ask your child to recall their favorite scene and why it was special.  You may also take the opportunity to ask if they have one thing they want to do to help others and make this Christmas especially meaningful. 

Thanks to Rebecca's mom for planning our Christmas party and bringing goodies.  Thanks to all the moms who popped in and helped out as well.  They kids had a lot of fun!

 I pray you and your family are able to have a restful and worshipful holiday.  Jesus came to bring peace, love,  and joy.  May we reflect the wonder of knowing he saves us!  

Have a blessed Christmas!

Mrs. Riemenschneider

Transition math playing "Chicken"

Games reinforce many mental math skills - have your kids teach you this one!

Christmas party fun

Pizza's always a winner - and yes, carrots and clementines enjoyed as well

Even big kids like games

Throwing marshmallow snowballs


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 17: Service project delivery, Ski Date, and more!

A Season to Give

Annelise was the volunteer drawn to help Mrs. Murray and I deliver the Welcome Packs donated by JH to the Peace Center on Tuesday evening.  We had fun seeing their tutoring center and meeting kids from Sierra Leone, Nepal, and Eritrea.  The board was meeting upon our arrival and took time to talk to the Zion kids about the different ministries at CFNA and truly showed appreciation for Zion's contributions.  Thanks Annelise and others for donating your time to make a personal connection and show of support with our Welcome Packs.

Some fun facts - 
    *over 1000 immigrants encounter the Peace Center each month
    *35-70 kids are tutored every week
    *several Bible fellowhships or worship events take place there weekly, including and 
Ethiopian church   (the Lutheran church in Ethiopia is more than double the LCMS!!)
    *adults come for ESL classes
    *immigrants who come to this area are typically refugees located here through UN activities 
    *about 40 of Word of Life Lutheran Schools 180 students are from immigrant families and receive tuition assistance through CFNA
    *they assist with furnishings for homes
    *volunteers are always needed!  
    *with walkathon funds and donations we packed 180 Welcome kits with personal witness messages

Please continue to make this mission part of your regular prayers!
Our JH representatives loading supplies in the basement

We were joined by high schoolers from Eritrea and Rev. Stanish

One of the tutoring rooms

Rev. Buckman telling the kids about CFNA in the Computer Lab

Ski Date - February 5, 2016

Mark your calendars for Friday, February 5 for the 6th grade field trip to Hidden Valley.  A detailed information sheet came home Friday and is found on Sycamore on the RELIGION home page - documents tab.  Think SNOW!

Last Week of the Quarter

Projects and tests remind us that the last week of the quarter is upon us.  Concerts and Advent worship remind us of the Christmas celebration around the corner. In the chaos of these days, may Zechariah's song help you focus:  

... because of the tender mercy of our God,
    whereby the sunrise shall visit us from on high
79 to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,
    to guide our feet into the way of peace

Luke 1:78-79     Among our troubles and failures, may the tender mercy of our God remind you of the forgiveness and peace that comes through our Savior.

Christmas Worship
As part of your holiday celebrations, please consider joining us at Zion to worship the newborn King.   A new service time has been added this year, which may fit into your family's plans.

Dec. 24  1:00 p.m.,  3:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  11:00 p.m.
Dec. 25  9:00 a.m. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Week 16: Blessed to Serve

- class blogger Molly
 We were busy this week.  Monday and Tuesday we had advent practice, Wednesday was the advent  service, and Friday we packed bags for our service project. Overall we had a good week!

From Mrs. R - 

What a thrill it was to hear your kids share the message of our Savior in song this week!  Thank you for getting kids to the service and all your help behind the scenes with learning songs/parts.  We are truly Blessed to Serve a Savior who loves us so much that he put aside heaven to live with us, be our friend, and rescue us from sin.

We are also Blessed to Serve out of the gifts God has given us.  Today we packed Welcome Packs for CFNA.  I was proud of the efforts kids put into picking a perfect Bible verse to share and composing welcome cards to include with each kit.  Names were drawn and Annelise will go with a few other JH students and teachers to the Peace Center in St. Louis to deliver the kits and see the tutoring session they provide for immigrant families.   We hope to have lots to tell you about this wonderful ministry.

...the government could force you to sell land?
...we had laws on what you could grow on your farm? or that said NO PETS ALLOWED?
...your family was limited to one or two children?

Would you exist?

I hope talks about our Literature novel have popped up in your family conversations.  Students began the novel, Among the Hidden by Margaret Petersen Haddix on Monday, and I have to put a STOP sign in the novels to get them to put it down.  Through the novel we discuss literary elements like characterization and conflict, but also propaganda, morals, and faith.  It also coordinates with our S.S. unit on Urban Sprawl in which students are taking on the roles of local citizen activist groups to debate how best to plan a city for population growth.  Ask your child about it!
P.S.  Need a gift idea?  This is the first of a series of seven.  Scholastic has book #2 Among the Imposters for $4 or The Shadow Children series for $28.  We'll send in book orders Friday, Dec. 11 and get them before Christmas break.  Email me any gift order and I'll send them to the office for you to keep the secret!

A Belated THANK YOU...

Right before Thanksgiving Break the students surprised me with cupcakes and a gift card bouquet for my birthday.  Thank you all for the generous gift.  Between Chickfilet, AMC, Paul's Donuts, and Starbucks, I will enjoy a few treats.  STAR WARS here I come!

Christmas Worship
As part of your holiday celebrations, please consider joining us at Zion to worship the newborn King.   A new service time has been added this year, which may fit into your family's plans.  

Dec. 24  1:00 p.m.,  3:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  11:00 p.m.
Dec. 25  9:00 a.m.