Friday, March 17, 2017

Week 30: Cell Projects

It was a very full week:  new quarter, new units (New Testament, poetry, India and the IT industry) and CELLS!    Thanks to all the help at home for getting students together and helping shop for supplies.  The cells were AMAZING!  There is a fun game in my Diigo account (see websites tab above) to help remember the function of each organelle.

Today your child is bringing home the 3rd quarter report card.  Celebrate successes and encourage him or her to set goals for the rest of the year: neater handwriting, AR points by the midquarter,  asking more questions in class - we strive to do our best with the abilities God has given us.  Please don't hesitate to contact me or a subject area teacher with questions. 

I hope all of you have a restful and fun break.

In Him,
Mrs. Riemenschneider

English 6   Week of March 13-17th

Spelling: Unit 23, packet and quiz on Friday.

English: This week we are continuing with our modifiers unit. We are discussing proper adjectives, the use of more/most, and adverbs.

Writing: Last week students wrote haikus and recipes using vivid word choices and proper adjectives. This week we focused on a close read---meaning we analyzed a short text passage for meanings and inferences. After spring break we will begin our research paper and continue on with close reading/analysis writings.

Rebecca Dersch
English Teacher

BobCaps Project

Students visited every class to introduce our BobCaps Recycling project

One team of students put together the slides

Others organized advertising through posters and have been decorating containers for collecting

We were excited that Preschool had already collected LOTS of caps for us

A pair of girls assigned everyone to classes across campus so we could pitch our project

A pair of boys learned the process for weighing the caps - 15.8 lbs so far

Spread the word to colleagues and family!  Save those caps!

 Cell Projects

Friday, March 10, 2017

Week 29: Grandparents Day

Thanks to all the parents who helped make it possible for grandparents and special guests to be here today.  We had a wonderful time of fun and fellowship in the classrooms.   Students traveled as a family unit with all siblings and guests.   I hope the sixth graders learned a little something they never knew before.  We had a lot of laughs together!

I wish I could do justice to describing the message the 7th graders had for us in worship today.  It was a dramatic interpretation of The Ragman: all about Jesus taking on our sins and giving us his righteousness.   The service climax was a song done in sign language to honor Christ:  You are Our King.  Praise God for the wonderful witness of our young people!

Report Cards will come home on Friday.  Be aware that teachers are processing grades and Sycamore may not be up to date.  (What was I thinking giving all those tests/quizzes/projects??  Oh yes - I love to see what the kids have accomplished at the end of our units.)   Enjoy this sunny afternoon.  I'll grab my red pen and a cup of tea...

And of course we all remember - Spring Break is approaching, March  20-24.  Look forward to some special family time before we hit the big push of 4th quarter!

In Peace,

Mrs. R. 

Day 1: Disability Awareness

Students learned what was helpful, and not so helpful about guiding a friend

The task - wash hands in the bathroom and return to butter a cracker
Finding the butter was more challenging that we thought

Losing perspective of space and distance was uncomfortable

Day 2:  Simulating hearing loss - trying to read lips led to many funny interpretations

Day 3: Had us discuss and simulate learning disabilities such as a visual and auditory processing, and dyslexia.   We even got a feel for what our friends with Attention Disorders might have to battle.  Check out "Misunderstood Minds" by PBS for some interesting simulations.

Grandparents Day Trivia with Mrs. Cluck

Playing "Generation Gap"

Pictionary time!

It was a wonderful morning!  I wish I had more photos, but we were pretty busy

A few examples of our 1pt Perspective Rooms

Students had some clever design ideas