Friday, December 8, 2017

Week 17 Advent Begins and Christmas Service Project

From the Class blogger, Grace N

 This week we were working on a lot of Advent. We had our service Wednesday. We also started the primarily rounds of the Geography Bee and finished up our Christmas art project this week. On Friday we finished up the walk-a-thon by tying blankets for Friends Of Kids With Cancer.

From Mrs. R.

What a thrill it was to hear your kids share the message of our Savior this week, through song, drama, and art!  Thank you for getting kids to the service and all your help behind the scenes with learning songs/parts.  In Christ we Stand and serve a Savior who loves us so much that he put aside heaven to live with us, be our friend, and rescue us from sin.  I pray the service gave you a new perspective on the Advent season and the special days ahead.


Playing a Christmas song game as we gathered

A few of the guys before the service- looking sharp!

All dressed up!
"Sure - they can send it by UPS -  you know, the United Puppy Service"

Junior High Christmas service project

Tying blankets for kids with cancer

Kids tied 65 blankets and wrote notes of encouragement

Enjoying snacks after our hard work

Mr. Debrick stopped by to tell the kids about tonight's dance

THANK YOU!!   The class surprised me with a birthday card and cupcakes to celebrate my birthday which was over Thanksgiving Break.  Thank you for the cash gift and for all of your support this year! 

SAVE THE DATE!!  Our Hidden Valley Ski Date is set for February 2.  Watch for early information to come home next week.  

Christmas Art

Students worked hard all month on our Christmas canvas projects.  Stop by the halls of the main building between noon on Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to see the Jr. High Christmas display.   

In art the rest of the month, one project will be inspired by  the art of an American classic, Norman Rockwell, and the other will explore positive and negative space.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Week 16 Wonder

From the Class Blogger, Elliot

This week we did some fun things like go to a movie and do a full dress rehearsal for advent. The movie we saw was Wonder. We also had a very fun time with advent and singing practice. We had very easy homework so that freed up a week.😃 That is what happened this week.

From Mrs. R

Wonder led to some pretty incredible discussions with your kids.  The movie showed the best and the worst ways people can treat one another, and the class had true empathy for Auggie and his family members.  One of Auggie's teachers had his students reflect on a precept (a key thought or motto) for each month of the year.  He hoped to get his students thinking about being their best selves.  Here are a few precepts that your kids wrote or remembered after watching and discussing the film:
  • A friendly person is a kind person.
  • The moments you remember are important.
  • When you can be a friend be one, but never be a bully.
  • You never know how much you love someone until you almost lose them.
  • Never give up, never stand down, always keep your head up along your journey.   
  • Be a buddy, not a bully. 
  • Be kind to everyone you see because they are people too.
  • Don't be blinded by your talents and skills because it isn't your, it's God who works through you.
  • Don't be distracted by the big things in life, but also be gald for the little things. 
  • Don't judge someone by their outside but their inside. 
  • When you are kind, good things happen.
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover. 
  • Be yourself - everyone else is taken.
  • If you don't try you won't succeed, but if you do try you will succeed.
  • To be a good friend, show it.
  • It takes two people to start a fight but one to stop it.
  • Don't fake your friendship because of someone's look.  Be friends.  Make their day.  
  • Don't just a person by it's face.  What matters the most is how their heart is.
  • Don't worry when you can be thinking about how not to be worried.
  • Friends are like planets.  They always are around you.
  • Achieve your goals.  If anyone or anything gets in your way, follow through.  It is always good to keep trying until you accomplish that goal. 
  • Don't judge people until you know them.  
  • You have enemies?  Good!  That  means you have stood up for something sometime in your life - Winston Churchill.


...the government could force you to sell land?
...we had laws on what you could grow on your farm? or that said NO PETS ALLOWED?
...your family was limited to one or two children?

Would you exist?

I hope talks about our Literature novel have popped up in your family conversations.  Students began the novel, Among the Hidden by Margaret Petersen Haddix, and I have to put a STOP sign in the novels to get them to put it down.  Through the novel we discuss literary elements like characterization and conflict, but also propaganda, morals, and faith.  It also coordinates with our S.S. unit on Urban Sprawl in which students are taking on the roles of local citizen activist groups to debate how best to plan a city for population growth.  Ask your child about it!

  P.S.  Need a gift idea?  This is the first of a series of seven.  Scholastic has the The Shadow Children series for $28. I'll get another Scholastic order submitted on Monday, Dec. 11.   Email me any gift order and I'll send them to the office for you to keep the secret!

Mrs. Helmkamp helped students examine online scenarios that might put students at risk

Harmless or Harmful? - my safety?? my reputation??



The songs are learned, the dramas are getting polished, and practices are winding down; preparations are nearly complete for our Advent Services on Wednesday.   It is time now for families to join in the preparation! The Advent season prepares us for the coming of Christ.  Please plan to join us for one of the services to hear the message of how God works in our hearts to prepare us for his coming.  Details about our worship services are below.  Blessings to your families this Advent season!

Thank you,
5th and 6th grade teachers

Times:  10:00 A.M. (chapel with Zion students) and 7:00 P.M.    

Arrival for the evening services: Students are to meet in the JH building (6th grade in our homerooms, 5th grade - upstairs) between 6:30-6:45 P.M.  (Pre-service musicians should check in with their teacher by 6:30 and then proceed to the church)

Dress:  Students should dress nicely for both the morning service and the evening service.
            Morning – standardized school dress (or costume)
            Evening – standardized school dress or “Sunday best” -  avoid jeans and clothing                                 with writing (unless costume)

After the evening service:  Parents may pick up students from the Welcome Center in church.

** Reminder: As students are leading worship, please refrain from flash photography during the service.  We would be happy to stage pictures after the worship service ends.

Have you heard about the Young Investor's Club?  When people invest in Lutheran Church Extension Fund, they help fund the building of churches and schools.  Zion used LCEF for our church expansion project. And so??   LCEF is offering a huge incentive to encourage new investors - $30,000 off Zion's mortgage for each of the next 2 years.  As this is such a lucrative offer, Zion will pay the $25 minimum investment to get your child in the Young Investor's Club.  This may be money that just sits in the account for your child, or you (or your child) may choose to add to the investment.  Please consider helping Zion and get your child started in a savings plan.  See the article on Sycamore for the pdf.  Click here to learn more about LCEF.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Week 14: Midquarter and Thanksgiving!


I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.   I am so thankful for each one of your children in my class this year. What a blessing they are to me!  Thank you, parents, as well, for the support you give to your children and to me. I hope you were able to enjoy this holiday week with family and friends!  Thank you for your generosity for our seminary families as well.  We were able to give 20 dinner boxes (turkeys, pie crust, rolls, butter, etc.) Seminarians also were given a restaurant gift card, and kids picked from a toy box!

Today marks the midpoint of 2nd quarter.  It is a good time to talk with your child about the Friday papers that came home, check grades on Sycamore, and help them set goals for the 2nd half.  A great goal?  READ over the break!  Get those AR points before the last week of December!!!  And your kids are not too old to read with you.  You can model fluency and have great conversations over books.  Traveling?  Listen to audio books in the car.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have about your child's progress.  : )

Painting our Christmas project

Food Drive

message by Stuco

Literature activity

From the Class Blogger, Charlie

This week we practiced advent singing so we will be prepared for the real service.  On Monday we started a new chapter in Religion talking about Jesus birth.  We also had health screening.  We started our first presentation. On Friday we had a bunch of tests to finish before Thanksgiving break.  That raps up our week of school before a 9 day long break.

Can you tell they are excited!

What's Happening in 6th grade?

Here are two of our current units:
Social Studies - We have explored Human Environment interaction in the Great Lakes Ecosystem and held a class debate over whether things have improved since the 1969 fire on the Cayahoga River.  Students researched current environmental issues in North America and are sharing their findings through an online tool called Prezi by combining text, photos, and video.  We got through most of the presentations today.  Ask your child to show off their project to you!

Religion - We are finally into our Religion books!  Our focus shifts from What is in the Bible and the Reformation to the life of Christ and, as Charlie mentioned, we started with Jesus' birth.  We will be using the film The Visual Bible: Matthew along with our text to dig deep into Who was Jesus as well as his teachings, miracles, and passion. 

Advent Reminder

Have you marked your calendar?  Just a reminder that Wednesday, December 6, at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM, Grades 5 and 6 will lead the first Advent worship services at Zion Church.  We have begun preparations for leading worship including practicing readings, auditioning for drama parts, and learning songs.  Thanks for help at home on learning lyrics!