Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 15: Happy Thanksgiving, Welcome Advent



Students have enjoyed some lighter work loads as we have been practicing music, narration, and drama to lead worship this Wednesday.   Pray for the message of salvation to ring clearly in our drama and songs!

 Times:  Wed. 12/2 -  10:00 A.M. (chapel with Zion students) and 7:00 P.M.     
Arrival for the evening services: Students are to meet in my classroom no later than 6:45 P.M. Pre-service musicians, a bit earlier.
Dress:  Students should dress nicely for both the morning service and the evening service.
                  Morning – standardized school dress (or costume)
                  Evening – standardized school dress or “Sunday best” -  avoid jeans and  
                                    clothing with writing 
After the evening service:  Parents may pick up students from the Welcome Center in church.
** Reminder: As students are leading worship, please refrain from photography during the service.  We would be happy to stage pictures after the worship service ends. 

What's Happening in 6th grade?

Here are two of our current units:
Social Studies - We have explored Human Environment interaction in the Great Lakes Ecosystem and held a class debate over whether things have improved since the 1969 fire on the Cayahoga River.  Students researched current environmental issues in North America and shared their findings through an online tool called Prezi by combining text, photos, and video.
Religion - We studied the OT tabernacle and the design of Zion's sanctuary and church furnishings.  The importance of the word "tabernacle" meaning to dwell with us as God lives with and guides his people.   Ask your child about our scavenger hunt Friday and our visit from Pastor Reitz.  Sorry, I left the camera at school.


 God's blessings to you and your families this Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for each one of your children in my class this year. What a blessing they are to me!  Thank you, parents, as well, for the support you give to your children and to me. I hope you were able to enjoy this holiday week with family and friends!  Thank you for your generosity for our seminary families as well.

Student council packed complete Thanksgiving Dinners for families that stay in town for the holiday

All the extras get stocked in the seminary food bank

We are Blessed to Serve!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Week 14: Midquarter


Today marks the midterm of 2nd Quarter.  It is a good time to have your child check on his or her grades on Sycamore and let your child reflect - What am I most proud of?  What do I need to work harder at?  Is there an area I need to ask the teacher for a little extra help?  Grades are one aspect of the school experience.  Learning how to learn, problem solving, friendship skills, critical thinking, and growing in one's faith life are all things your child can be proud of!

Quick Notes:

Advent  Dec. 2 is quickly approaching! Thanks for all of your help listening to songs for memory.  I am listening to the group sing while I write and I hope the power of their message touches many with the message of our Savior - God with us - Immanuel!
        Musicians - Remember your music/instruments on Tuesday if you are auditioning for    

Thanksgiving Food Drive - All food/cleaning supplies/toiletries are welcome to help our friends at Concordia Seminary.  JH - we are especially focusing on the non-food items to help restock the pantry shelves.  Bring them in between now and Wednesday.

Christmas Service Project - information came home last week - we are collecting socks and small stuffed animals.  We expanded the size a bit - so the Kohl's Cares for Kids animals are a perfect size or smaller.

Check out some highlights from our week!

Metro Theatre - Talkin' Trash

A great look at friendships and helping others

Some of our Fall Quilling Art

G Math reviews fraction concepts with manipulatives

World Cup Stackng Day

Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 13: Class blogger, Jordan R

This week has been awesome. On Monday we had songs and acting for advent, Tuesday we had gym and we did stacking cups. Wednesday was a half day, after school some people might have went out shopping, went to get lunch, just went home, or maybe went to a friends house. Thursday we had gym again, but instead of doing stacking cups we played poor poor puppy, and everyone seemed to love that game. On Thursday afternoon we had a prep assembly, and we wished the varsity volleyball team good luck on their trip to state!

From Mrs. R -
Today we culminated our research on the Great Lakes Ecosystem with a debate.  The Boosters argued about how much better the conditions are now that environmental clean up has taken place and laws are enforced.  The Doomers argued that the conditions are still bad and much more needs to be done.  Ask your kids what invasive species are.  And about the Cuyahoga River Fire!

6M Team huddle before the debate

Calling "time out" to strategize

The debate format with minutes assigned

A lively Q and A

Arguing for the beauty of the lakes - great statistics shared!

6R preparing for their debate

Deciding on opening and closing statements

Another time out!

Giving each "citizen" a chance to share their voice
Came Home Today:
Book orders - You may order online or send in a check by FRIDAY, NOV. 13.  Email me if you would like be to put aside a Christmas gift.  Link is on the right above.

AUCTION info -  We are soliciting donations for Zion's biggest fundraiser all year, but next week is Round Up week!  See Sycamore article for more info.

JH Christmas Drive - We do not do gift exchanges at Zion, but rather look for an opportunity to serve.  In conjunction with our walkathon, JH students will make Welcome Packs for New Americans.  Your contribution?? PRAYERS! and NEW socks and NEW stuffed animals (small).  See the flyer that came home.