Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We now have 2 postings on our student blogs.  Check out the Blog tab above for the link to KIDBLOG and login username: guest  password: guest.  Students love to to receive comments!  I challenge you to comment once this week on one of your child's posts and consider writing a comment for a classmate.  NOTE:  NO LAST NAMES, please - for privacy.  You may comment as "Joe's mom."  Send the link to grandparents and other family as well.

Photos from last week:

Acting out a climate zone

Tropical wet!!!

Go Walkathon!

Cooling off at the watering hole

Cooling off another way!!!

Enjoying a break at the rest stop

Our class ran/walked 380 laps for a total of126 2/3 miles

Friday, September 26, 2014

Blog update postponed

Please do NOT click the colored links in the blog.  Some advertising was embedded in a software install and I need to see about removing it from my computer.  As a result, no blog update today.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kidblog, Walkathon, and Weldon Spring

 English Class - Writing Unit

After our first grammar unit, our English class has shifted to writing.  Our first creative writing project was based on a photo prompt.  Since creativity in storytelling was a focus, less emphasis was put on proofreading errors. Students intentially used sentence fragments to create a casual tone.  Our stories will be found on Kidblog using the Student Blog tab above starting next Monday. Students have some very clever ideas. Also on Kidblog are student comments about the start of the year.  Please share your comments, too!

Our second writing project is a formal paper, a character sketch.  We will use the movie, The Prince and the Pauper, for a character study, as we had read a character sketch of it's author, Mark Twain, in Literature.  This is a process writing project, meaning we take the writing through the formal steps of brainstorming/prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, and publishing. Our writing focus is paragraph structure and students are learning to compose at the computer.  As this is an in depth writing assignment, the final paper is assessed as a test grade in English.  Drafts and final copy should be printed at home.  Should your child have a need to print at school (printer failure at home, etc) please notify me by email or a note prior to the due dates.

Friday Walkathon  - Rejoice! Pray! Give Thanks!

  • Dress in PE style clothing to come to school Friday:  Spirit wear or Christian t-shirt,  shorts/sweats, good walking/running shoes!!  
  •  Pack a cold lunch to have in classroom
  • Pledges and pledge sheets are due Oct. 3

Looking Ahead - Field Trip Oct. 10

As part of our environmental studies in Social Studies, we will be headed to the Weldon Spring Interpretive Center on October 10.   Students will enjoy a lesson on radiation and learn the history of the site.  In the afternoon, we will head to St. Charles Lanes for a unique PE experience (and apply some mental math to add those bowling scores!)

Parents - I am seeking drivers to chaperone.  You need a current driver's background check on file in the office.  Please let me know if you are interested in driving, how many students you can take, and if you would care to bowl with us. We will meet at 9:30 to leave Zion and return by 2:35.

AR book discussion group

Reporting on conflict and main events

Don't give away the ending!

Popular question:  How many points is it worth?

 Playdoh Plate Tectonics

 Thanks for the new playground - We love it!!

  Fall Future Cougar Week – September 22-29, 2014

During this week, all “Future Cougars” of all ages and their parents will receive free admission to all athletic contests at Lutheran High, St. Charles where special activities will take place in their honor.

          -Tuesday, September 23rd

                   -Volleyball: 4:15 pm, 5:15 pm, and 6:15 pm

                   -Softball: 6:30 pm

          -Friday, September 26th

                   -Football: 7:00 pm

          -Monday, September 29th

                   -Soccer: 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm

Friday, September 12, 2014

Midquarter & Walkathon News

Tests, tests, and more tests

It seems that for the first tests of the year, everything seems to fall on the same week - this year on the same day.  As the year progresses, units in different subject areas seem to spread out more.  I am proud of the students' hard work this quarter.  We are getting better with organization skills and doing great things with note-taking.

A couple notes:  Midquarter grades will be posted on Monday.  There were some glitches with grade uploads to Edline, but those have been corrected.  If you have not been online to check your child's progress, Monday after 3 p.m. would be the most current.  Grades may say Absent/Missing if your child has not turned in his/her work or if the grades have not been processed yet.  That grade is calculated as a "zero" until the work is complete. (so percentages might be misleading).  If you have a planned absence such as for an appointment, I appreciate a contact ahead of time and I can have your child ready for pickup.  If homework is requested ahead of an absence, it is due the first day back.

Modeling Subduction in the Ocean Floor

Drawing the magnetic striping

Creating the splits to represent the ridge and trenches

How does the sea-floor "spread"?

 English Review

Students were paired to reteach the parts of sentences

Sharing the notes

Quizzing each other for markerboard practice


Walkathon News - Rejoice! Pray! Give Thanks!

Next week is it!  Teachers are so excited about the opportunity for students to serve our neighbors around the world that we have cancelled afternoon classes Friday, Sept. 26 for students to participate in the Walkathon.  Students, have you talked to a sponsor(s)?  Have you decided on a self-pledge?  Proceeds will go toward purchasing items for Operation Christmas Child.  Students will have a second opportunity to serve as we gather smaller items to donate closer to Thanksgiving time.  Remember:

  • Dress in PE style clothing to come to school Friday:  Spirit wear or Christian t-shirt,  shorts/sweats, good walking/running shoes!! 
  • Pledges and pledge sheets are due Oct. 3


COMING SOON:  Monday:  Playdoh Plate Tectonics

                             Bobcat Shuffle - Oct. 4  Go to eventcow.org  oregistration form

            This is our fall fundraising event.  Please consider joining us for the run or a more casual stroll!  You may even donate to "sleep in" and cheer us on from the comfort of your bed. To guarentee a T-shirt, please complete your registration by MONDAY.

                             Trunk or Treat - Oct. 10 this year!!  New for Zion's event: Food trucks!