Friday, March 20, 2015

Metro Theater

We enjoyed an amazing performance today by Metro Theater.  Students saw into the lives of girls growing up with the restrictions of Puritan society.  As the girls met in the woods for a secretive social outlet, they told stories (including "ghost" stories), danced, and dreamed of their future lives.  Students saw the group fall apart when discovered and friends turn on each other, accusing others of witchcraft to try to avoid the consequences of their actions. I am eager to spend more time in discussion with the students! I especially want to help them understand the historical background vs. the fictional story and help process through the consequences of the actions the girls took.  It's important to see how God calls us to follow him, and how He forgives all who repent.  Thanks to the moms who helped chaperone.

Due to copyright protection, I only have a photo of the set and several from our chilly picnic!

Thursday's Science Lab

Will density change if mass and volume change?

Calculating the data

Measuring Mass

Using a triple beam balance

English research paper
Research papers have begun! Students - remember to bring your 5+ resources on Monday.

Achievements tests
Students will need non-mechanical pencils, calculator, and an AR book each day this week to read if they should finish testing early. 

2014/2015 Yearbooks -
Don`t forget to order your child’s yearbook for this school year.  To order your book visit: and enter code: 841254.   Ordering will be available until March 27. We will not have extras in the office, so please order now!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Grandparents Day!

What a wonderful time we had celebrating our families and special friends.  We enjoyed performing our radio drama for a live audience that reacted, laughed, and reminisced.  We had fun playing a generation gap game and comparing junior high "Then and Now."  We ended with chapel led by the 7th graders and a great reminder of love between the generations, in good times and bad, and our great loving God who first loved us.

Thanks to all the grandparents and special friends who were able to spend the morning with us.  Our prayers go to those who could not attend.  You are still a special part of our lives!

In Religion - a trading game about values

Things got pretty heated as students tried to hang on to love and truth, but sneakily trade the "devil" card

Enjoying time with our grandparents

Last Week's Disability Unit

What would it be like to be blind?

Butter a cracker?  What cracker?

Guides had to be very specific with directions

We learned that getting guided from behind made us very uneasy!

HERE is the butter!

Simulating deafness - a lip reading activity

We learned to talk slowly and enunciate or exaggerate our mouth movements

Still we couldn't figure out what was being said

Simulating visual processing disorder and a time delay in the thought process - read the colors of the words, not the words.

How about a physical disability?  How would you cut with one arm?

This station had kids use simulations at the PBS website "Misunderstood Minds" to see what ADHD is like

Another visual processing disorder - reversals

Tracing while looking in a mirror is quite frustrating!