Friday, September 30, 2016

Week 8: Rocket Launch, Religion Slideshow, and Second Steps

Assembly on Wednesday - Parents invited!!

On Wednesday, Oct. 5,  at 1:00 p.m. in the church sanctuary, Zion will be hosting a Junior High assembly for St. Charles Lutheran schools called The Awaken Project.  Heroin is a killer and becoming more accessible to young people.  We will hear about the dangers of the drug from a man who lost his son through stories and music.  It is a powerful message and parents are invited to attend.  Check out the website:


  What's happening in 6th grade??

REL - Looking at the 8th commandment and how we "speak well of" and "defend" our
           neighbor.  Friendship skills in 2nd Steps
S.S. - Starting a Mapping Lab on U.S. and Canada world region
Lit. - Completed watching the 1939 version of Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper and
         developed our own character sketches.
T Math - decimal operations
G Math -  variables and one step equations

From the class bloggers: Ana and Isaiah

On Wednesday we had our rocket launch! It  was so incredible to see all of the rockets the 8th Grade worked on. Some of them went higher than others, but the variety was incredible. There were minion rockets, Batman Rockets and even ones with aliens! It was so nice to step out of the classroom and watch the launch!

Thanks to class photographer Sam P. for the rocket photos.  Apologies to Grace, the camera didn't register your shots!!
The Minion Rocket is ready to fly!

Some rockets flew really high!

It flew so far!

Doing a "slide show about Jacob!

Look at the amazing acting!

Doing Second Steps and learning about friendship!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Week 7: PE, Skit time, and Walkathon

Note the new tab above with our Field Trip dates for the year!


Class Blogger, Isaiah, created our captions:

We got to play basketball before gym started.

Luke really wanted to win knockout!

This week we played whiffle ball in gym on Tuesday. It was really fun!
Batter up!

 We did skits in Social Studies this week.  We studied climate zones.

Nice poncho Deborah.

From Mrs. R:

I was so proud of our class today at the Walkathon!  We had good fellowship and lots of encouraging words as people walked, ran, snacked, and rested. - Oh yes, and a good squirt from the hose or the water gun!  We are excited that our class ran a total of 131 2/3 miles!  Our top runner in the class was Isaiah with 10 miles and Gavin was runner up with 9!

Students brought home collection envelopes to gather donations for the U.S.O.  Checks may be made payable to Zion and cash is also welcome.  Return by Oct. 3.  Here are a few shots and I'll add a slideshow later this weekend.