Friday, December 21, 2012

By: Julia H.

This week we took it low on homework. Thursday, we learned about population in different countries
in the church basement.


 On Friday, we had a Christmas party, watched a movie, and got pizza!

Merry Christmas!

Special thanks to our room moms: Mrs. W and Mrs. P for a great party!  

Merry Christmas!

As this quarter comes to a close, I pray that you a have a very blessed Christmas with family and loved ones.  I have enjoyed working with your children and am very thankful for the support that you have given me.  We have made great strides in our goals and have much to look forward to in the new year.  I'm sure we are all looking forward to a break.  If you are are celebrating the holidays in town, please make plans to worship with us at Zion to celebrate the birth of the newborn king.

        Monday, Dec. 24  Christmas Eve Services  - 3:00 p.m.    5:00 p.m.  and 11:00 p.m
        Tuesday, Dec. 25  Christmas Day - 9:00 a.m.

Field Trips - 

Edison Theatre
Our next field trip will be Friday, Jan. 11 to Edison Theatre on Washington U. 's campus.  We will see a production titled Jackie and Me relating to Jackie Robinson. We explore Robinson's impact on sports and the civil rights movement through two Literature articles we read next quarter.

Hidden Valley
Look in your child's bookbag for an information sheet about our Friday, Feb. 1 Hidden Valley Ski trip. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Visit from the City Planners

We were blessed to have the city planners from St. Peters, Ken Braunfeld and Julie Powers here to talk to our class today.  Here are some thoughts from class bloggers:

Trevor N.:

Hello today some planing commissioners have told us about that

: the city tax rate has gone down but it depends on the house and size

: some buildings compete to get customers like Home Depot vs Loews (MENARDS is coming to town)

: LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design  that means that you have to have
. Sustainability
. Water Efficiency
. Energy and Atmosphere

: More land is turning into more urban area

: and the city hall and the recplex took 1 1/2 years to build

NOTE TAKERS:  Ashley V, Angel F, Elizabeth S, Erika R.

  • Julie Powers- 17 years of experience
  • Ken LAST NAME?????- Masters degree in Urban Planning 21 years
  • Things change and they help with problems like that
  • New Projects- Freddy’s Frozen Custard, Fire Station- Shorter time for less traffic by Mid Rivers, McDonalds, CVS, Carmax

Mcdonald's is 30 years old on Harvester.  
-CVS, Tries to compete head to head with Walgreens!
-Carmax is coming to car dealerships. Carmax does not negotiate its only one price!  
-EVIRONMENTAL- LEED- leadership energy environmental design.
-Library was built for 6 million dollars and it was actually 40% off!

-Weren’t many ways to get into St.Charles county, since we’ve grown they built more roads and highways.
-People might want metrolink so they don’t have to drive and gas prices to high!
- Neighbor complaints have really nothing to do with them they just try to council people with complaints.

  • Many complaints from neighbor to neighbor, not getting along, want what they have
  • N ot
I n
M y
B ack
Y ard

Photographer Emily S.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Blog

This Week

by class blogger, Angel F.

We have been studying cells in science, it has been been very fun.  We did a little skit for every part of the cell.  It was very interesting and funny.  

We have also been collecting school supplies for Lutheran World Relief.


Christmas Party- PIZZA!!

Our room moms are planning to serve pizza on Friday, Dec. 21 as part of our Christmas party.  This is a noon dismissal day, so you may plan your day accordingly.  We look forward to celebrating the birth of the Savior and the end of 2nd quarter.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekly News

Advent Thank You / Worship opportunities

Thank you again for all of your support of our Advent service.  We really appreciated being able to lead worship in song and drama.  Please make worship part of your plans this holiday season.  You may check the church webpage for Zion's special service times.

Literature - Novel Unit

 What if our nation struggled with providing food, jobs, shelter, for a booming population?  What if the government said families would be limited to 2 children?  Would you exist?  

Students began a novel unit this week that has them eagerly turning pages.  Among the Hidden by Margaret Petersen Haddix tells the story of Luke, a third child being hidden by his family when the government buys their woods to put up housing.  (Also relating to our study of urban sprawl in Social Studies)  As we study the novel, we are exploring the literary elements we learned in our short stories unit on a larger scale, as a novel allows for greater depth and character development.  Expect some interesting conversations around the dinner table about how God has blessed us with freedoms in our nation.  
By the way - this novel is the first in a series of seven.  Encourage your child to pick up the next one.  Even reluctant readers can enjoy it!  I have 2 copies of the series in my classroom and they are available through Scholastic.


GLOGSTER - In computer lab, 6R students practiced trouble shooting in technology:  How to Google a question, find a tutorial, and learn something new:  embedding on a blog.  (Actually, they helped ME figure it out).  Now you can see our Social Studies glogs from Chap. 3 on your child's Kidblog.

BOOK ORDERS came home Friday. You may order online or send in a check.  Please place your order by THURSDAY to assure a delivery before Christmas break, class code GV2FP.   If you wish to order a gift, send me an email and I will leave the order in the office for you to pick up when it arrives. 

QUARTER ENDS Friday, December 21.  - Students, be sure if you have any absences that you are checking with EACH teacher to be sure that work is caught up.  Hardcopies of report cards will be sent home Friday, January 11. 

LAST DAY for AR TESTS in 6th grade is Friday, Dec. 14


COLLECTION ENDS - Thank you for all of your support of our School Kit Drive.  If you still had something to contribute, please send it in on Monday.

TUESDAY DEC. 18  - Geography Bee 9:00 a.m.  (gym)

TUESDAY DEC. 18  Christmas Choir/Band Concert 7 p.m. (church)
CHRISTMAS PARTY DEC. 21  details to be announced.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekly Blog and Advent Service Reminders

Field Trip Notes 

by class blogger, Ashley C.

This is our first week back from Thanksgiving break.  On Monday, we went on a field trip to Weldon Springs.  We climbed to the top or a disposal cell and it was cold.  We also went on a scavenger hunt around the museum.    

 From Mrs. R. - 

Students got to see first hand the environmental impact on the area around Weldon Spring from its use as the world's largest TNT factory in WWII and a uranium processing plant during the 1950's.  Students were fascinated by the ignorance we had about caring for God's creation and the extensive the clean up that took place.  We also had a chance to use Geiger counters and see everyday items that emit radiation.  Fiestaware anyone?

The interpretive center is a free museum run by the U.S. Department of Energy.  Special thanks to our wonderful guide, Mr. McGee!  Stop by for an hour sometime and check it out!

Standing around a map of the area

A cross section of the 12 layers of the disposal cell

Braving the cold on the hike

Caroline and Mr. Braddy - we love Science stuff!

Ashley V., Savanna, and Julia on top of the 75 ft disposal cell

The boys!

Amazed at the big pile of rocks!

Caleb and Christian show how muscle power can generate electricity

Enjoying our afternoon of bowling

Special thanks to the parents who attended with us!  If any of you have pictures to share, please email them to me.

5th and 6th Grade Advent Services

The songs are memorized, dramas are being polished, and practices almost finished; we are just about ready for our Advent Services on Wednesday.   It is time now for families to join in the preparation - the Advent season is here!  Please plan to join us for one of the services to hear the message of how Jesus is our Savior.  Details about our worship services are below.  Blessings to your families during this special time of the church year!

Times:  10:00 A.M. (chapel with Zion students) and 7:00 P.M.  

Arrival for the evening services: Students are to meet in their classrooms no later than 6:45 P.M.  (Pre-service musicians and nativity characters should check in with their teacher by 6:35)

Dress:  Students should dress nicely for both the morning service and the evening service.

                  Morning – standardized school dress (or costume)
                  Evening – standardized school dress or “Sunday best” -  avoid jeans and              clothing with writing

After the evening service:  Parents may pick up students from the Welcome Center in church.

** Reminder: As students are leading worship, please refrain from photography during the service.  We would be happy to stage pictures after the worship service ends.

World Cup Stacking Day - and a haircut

Trevor and Zach race

Ashley V. showing the 3-6-3 pyramids

Erika, Angel, and Erin taking a break

5 students had their names drawn as the lucky barbers