Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly News 1-27-11

What's Happening in 6th Grade

*Religion -enjoyed a visit from Pastor Reitz this week, learning about stewardship

*Math - ask your child what this has to do with decimals:
                LINE UP!   UP!   X and COUNT!  OVER, OVER, UP!

*English - finishing adjectives and our short story illustrations.  Next up: Adverbs

*Literature - performances of The Phantom Tollbooth and celebration of the end of our drama unit with the movie version

*S.S. - learning about climate in Monsoon Asia.  Next up: India and the IT Revolution

I loved when I would race down the hill with my friends! ~ Rylie K. ~

I loved the ski trip because it was great to try something different. It was really fun!!! -Scott

My favorite part was the first time I went up the rope pull and when I jumped down the hill. :) Brynne S.

My favorite part of the ski trip was when I learned to ski backwards, it was really fun. - Blake S.

I Enjoyed when i was on my first time going down the hill and i

I liked crashing into other people and almost falling into a ditch

I loved the ski trip because I liked going down the big hill FAST and trying to climb the rope without falling!!! :) - Madelynn W.

I thought it was funny when i kept on slipping off the rope tow

I had fun going down the big hill, it was so exhilirating! ~Nick C~
I had a hard time with the wedge instructor. Braeden M.

I liked learning a new skill. Steven H.

I liked finding a new sport that I was good at. ~Hannah B.

I loved the feeling of going down the hill fast- hannah s

I loved trying to go up to rope tow and then going down the big hill:) And I also enjoyed getting to hang out with my friends! ~Bree~

I loved watching our class fall off of the rope and drawing all of the attention! And then when I did it I fell! Then went down the big hill! :) ~Mackenzie H~

I liked gracefully sliding down the slopes! ~ Lydia C.

I liked it when I was going down the bunny hills really fast and Mrs.R told me that it was lunch time and to head over to the lounge while I flew by. So I did, and unfortunately I’m not the best person when it comes to brakes so I well tried to do the pizza slice method but ended up running over Hannah B. at the rack of skis and kept on going about a foot and stopped. Not long while I was on the ground Machenzie slid and almost hit me.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Day in the Snow

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly News 1-14-11

Ski Trip Next Friday
Happy Snow!  The class is making final preparations for our trip next week.  Remember to arrive early and plan for a late pick-up that day.  Our class devotions will start at 7:45 a.m.  We will return to campus between 4:15 and 4:30.  

Click this link to find a few tips from Hidden Valley on dress for the day and what to expect for first timers.  Tips

Did you miss getting the permission slip in on Friday?  Ski Permission Form

On Tuesday, the Skier's Rental agreement/guardian permission will come home for a signature.  If you misplace this copy, you can find it here:  Group Rental Release

Lost all your information?  Scroll down to an earlier post. : )

Zion's Spelling Bee
Congratulations to Nick C. and Blake S. who will represent 6th grade at our Zion Spelling Bee on Tuesday.  G-O  S-I-X-T-H  G-R-A-D-E!  Brynne S. and Steven H. are our alternates.

Jesus's Sermon on the Mount

In Religion, have been continuing our walk through the book of Matthew.  Jesus's Sermon on the Mount looks at some tough issues: murder, anger, adultery, sexuality, marriage, divorce, loving our enemies, fasting, worry, judging others and stewardship of God's blessings. 

This brings a wonderful opportunity to share values with your children at home by reflecting on Matthew 5-7 together, looking over our lessons, and/or relating our discussion to values portrayed in society that may be contrary to God's will.   Both God's Law and Gospel are a blessing to us.  His Law reminds us we need a Savior.  The truth of the Gospel reveals that Christ has fulfilled the Law in our place and won the victory of heaven for us! What a wonder thing to celebrate as we recognize the birth of our Savior. 

Some questions that may get your family talking:

"What ways do the media portray love that are different from God's plan?"

"How does our family solve problems when we get angry?"

"What kinds of prayers do we say together as a family?"

"Would you ever consider going on a fast or giving something up for a time?"

"How can we share God's blessings as a family - not just offering money, but time and talents too?"

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly News 1-9-12

"We have seen his star in
the East and have come to worship him."

Last Sunday marked the celebration of the wisemen's visit to Bethlehem.  We call this season Epiphany .  An “epiphany” is an appearance or manifestation- a showing.  But the wonder  that brought the wisemen to Bethlehem was more than the appearance of a star.  It was the manifestation of God Himself, born as a baby, taking on human flesh and with that, taking upon Himself our sins.   Can we think of Christmas without remembering Good Friday?  That wonder that led the wisemen and now leads us to worship Him - the wonder of his love!

Ski Trip Friday, January 20

Permission slips will come home this week.  I am still seeking 1 or 2 parent drivers, so please if you are still interested, let me know as soon as possible.  Click here for more informationSki Info 2012

Short Stories in English Class
From before Christmas, students have been developing and drafting a short story.  As part of the writing process, we interviewed an author and have done peer and teacher conferencing during the revision and proofreading stages.  We will soon be enlisting parent help for the printing phase. 

We will be sending our books to be bound by a publisher.  Packets with instructions will come home on Wednesday, January 11.  Printed pages will need to be returned no later that Wednesday, January 18 so that we will have time to illustrate the books to send to the publisher.   Instructions will be included, but the following are some tips:

      1)  Download the document from Google Docs to Word to format and print.
      2)  Students have revised and proofread, but may miss some mistakes.  Although tempting, please  do not edit for them.  When looking back at this work years later, your child can reflect on their original work and what they accomplished by themselves.
      3)  Help your child decide where page breaks should occur.
      4) Do a test print on plain paper to see which side is "UP".  I have only a few extra pages for printer errors.

Students will receive one published, hardbound copy of their book for free.  Families may choose to purchase additional copies.  Information will also be in the packet regarding purchasing books.