Friday, February 27, 2015

Chapel leaders, Disabilities, Getting ready for GP Day and more!

What's happening in 6th grade:

Lit- We wrapped up our Nonfiction unit with a look at biographical writings.  Our essays and narratives featured Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, Beverly Cleary and Helen Keller.  We will spend a few days learning about disabilites, inspired by our reading.

S.S. - China and population issues - Did you know the world topped 7 billion people this decade?

Science - A brief study of genetics and heredity.  How did I get blue eyes and curly hair?

Religion - Students have been researching our school chapel offering project to help encourage our schoolmates to give of their blessings.  Student have made posters, are creating a presentation to share, and have contacted Pastor Sam to find out more about India.  Next up - OT prophets and Babylonian captivity. 

English - We are studying propaganda techniques and creating our own products to market by writing commercials. Great use of those adverbs and adjectives!   

Grandparents Day prep -  Grandparents Day is coming March 13!  An invitation and dismissal consent form came home today.

Some of the class after "The Blob Skit"

Working on our Eric Carle art

Eric Carle wrote and illustrated The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other kids books

Then on "messy paint day" we created our own colored papers

Now we are working on making our own collage style animal scenes

Disability Awareness unit:  Simulation of blindness

Who knew buttering a cracker could be such a challenge?

Practicing for Grandparents Day

And more work on art

The Friday paper crew

Listening to old time radio commercials

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Time to Serve

Students have taken on the Chapel Offerings as on ongoing service project.  We have been discussing stewardship and preparing to visit other classes to share a brief presentation reminding our schoolmates to continue to share of their blessings each week. 

Teams of students worked on 1) communications with Mr. Debrick and Pastor Sam of the CRC in India, 2) writing PA announcements, 3) researching what has happened in the ministries that received our offerings over the last 3 years (Sparrow's Nest, Lutheran Malaria Initiative, and Haiti gardens), 4) researching facts on India, 5) tracking chapel offerings, and 6) creating inspiring posters 7) designing Google presentations to share what we learn.  What an awesome effort!

Distributing our Friday papers

The presentation team looking at facts from the research team

Designing posters

Highlighting the AWESOME giving we have seen this year

Gathering facts on former missions Zion has sponsored

 Science: A Study of Heredity

Gathering data on dominant and recessive traits

Curling the tongue - a dominant trait

Checking for a cleft chin and dimples

What? Hair on my fingers?

Gathering class data

Don't get my picture!

Jump Rope for Heart
Our class donated a generous $180.00 for the American Heart Association.  These kids have big hearts!

I believe we have had 41 absences in the last 21 days of school.  I pray that students are all on the road to recovery!  We take time each week to wipe down desks, door handles, etc to try to cut the spread of germs.  Students who have been absent should check in regularly with the teacher to be sure all necessary work has been complete and any lessons missed have been covered.  Assignment sheets should come back to school and initialed by the teacher when work is complete.  Often I need to meet with a student over a lesson that was missed. 

Tuesday - Photo Time
Students, remember to wear red, black or white tops to highlight our School Spirit for our auction photos.

Wednesday - Chapel Day - March 13 - Grandparents Day
 On Wednesday, Feb 25 some of the 6th graders will help me lead the 8:10 chapel service.  We will present 'The Parable of the Shapes."  Our next opportunity for drama will be at the Grandparents Day program on March 13.  It's exciting to see students serve in this way