Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 3: Kindergarten Buddies & Math Website

Hello this is Ryan B. and Micah H, we are the class bloggers this week, and we will tell you what we have done this entire week. We have done a math quiz, social studies quiz and a spelling test, we are going to be helping the kindergarteners with spotting letters across there classroom for our literature class. Are STUCO election results are out! Berkley as treasurer and Micah as Class rep.
We are having a science quiz later and we will be finishing art by next week.

From Mrs. R. - 

Another new thing this week, besides lots of quizzes : )  was introduction to
This is our math textbook's online resource center.  Students in both math classes were online this week and practiced using their password to login.  A letter came home with student usernames.  Students have the same password as for AR.

A few features:

  • online copies of student textbook and workbook pages
  • reteaching activities
  • homework video tutorials
If it does not open, on the login pages there is a "Check My Settings" button.  It will tell you what to update.  I have had most success in Safari and Firefox.  The site was down today, but hopefully back up soon.  Check it out!

Meetings our kindergarten buddies

Headed out for a letter hunt in nature and buildings




Students had lots of fun with their young friends.  They also work on patience and being encouraging instead of "doing it for them."   You would be proud of how thoughtful and caring your children are!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 2: Getting in the swing of things

Hi this is Henry S. and Sam W, the class bloggers, and we are going to tell you what we have been doing this past week. Our first science quiz is coming home this week and it was a simple vocabary and we are going to these once to twice a week. In 6th grade we have a schedule where we do everything at a specific time and here is the order we do it: memory/religon , Gmath /english , Tmath / english, we have either PE, Lab, Art or library, Fine arts/social studies, science, and Literature. This week we are doing a glue fish art project where we draw a fish then cover it with glue then color it in with tropical colors. That is how are first full week of school went thank you for spending your time to listen how our week played out.

From Mrs. R:

It's been a great week in 6R. Student now have over a full week under their belts and a sense of how classes and transitions go.  We are getting better at routines, travel, and organization with fewer reminders.  Students jumped right into Religion class at the beginning - GENESIS - to see our great and loving Creator had a plan for our salvation right from the start.  We also welcomed Mrs. Carol Martin, one of the founders of Moms In Prayer, to teach about praying scripturally, using Bible verses as a starting point.  Students are writing prayers for the PA announcements.  Note the schedule below if you wish to sneak in the hall and hear your child lead prayer.

Some other units of study to begin the year:

S.S. - Mapping skills
Lit - Fiction vs. NonFiction
Math - properties, basic operations, word problems
Science - Earth Science
Art - Line, space, and color

Book orders are due online tomorrow.  Our class code is GV2FP.  If you prefer to send in a check, next order - be sure to do so by the Friday before the deadline.  A new online feature - you can order for all siblings at once and assign books to be delivered to different classroom orders.  Online orders earn you a free book. : )
A big thank you to all the parents who were able to attend our Back to School Night. A few notes:

  • A packet came home to those who were unable to attend.
  • Please return the "Digital Citizenship Agreement"  I have 9 of 18 so far.
  • Email is my best contact.  I am not one who texts often, and I don't keep my phone on me.  
Please don't hesitate to contact me throughout the year as we partner together in the education of your child.

From Mrs. Dersch:

Good morning,
  In English this week we have focused on the following:
1.     Our first spelling pre-test, activities, and post-test (given on Friday.)
2.     In Writer’s Workshop we completed a journal entry in response to a quote about happiness and humor.
3.     We revised and edited our Bio Poem for the last time. Final poems will be graded and placed on the classroom walls.
4.     We completed our first grammar packet on prepositions, and students blessed me (and other new students) with the 5th grade “Preposition Song.” It was great!

Next week students will start the next unit for spelling, discuss how to use a dictionary, and learn and recall the forms of sentences.
Thank you for your children! They are wonderful!
Rebecca Dersch

Adding Races - learning to see compatible numbers

 Class photographers Jordan R. and Frankie M. had a hard time figuring out the camera.  Here are a few shots of....

Our hall posters

Posters from our STUCO (student council) candidates

Geography partner activity on using map tools

Latitude and Longitude

Friday, August 14, 2015


Welcome to 6th Grade

The Sixth Grade
Mrs. R's class


Singing with the Jr. High at Orientation

 I am so excited to have your children as my students this year. Our school theme gives a wonderful focus for our year:       

I Peter 4:10   As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace. 

This year through our theme, we will explore how God has blessed us.  In each of our gifts, we will see how God is equipping us to serve the Body of Christ and our community.   Even those days when we don't feel very blessed, we can look for opportunities to let our light shine and share the hope of salvation with other.  I pray this school year gives you a renewed opportunity to grow in your faith: as a parent, as a student, and as a family.

I am eager to partner with you in both educating and nurturing your child this year. I encourage families to talk about lessons we learn, especially memory verses and Religion lessons. I look forward to seeing you in worship at Zion or hearing about your worship experiences at your home church as our class grows together in our faith walk. Together - student, family, and school – we can build each other in the Body of Christ! Please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or insights throughout the year.

What's New in Grade 6?

One of my big goals in 6th grade is for students to become more independent in their learning. This news blog will update you on current happenings, but in 6th grade I no longer publish spelling words, memory assignments, or tests in the parent news.  These are things your child will be tracking in their assignment book.  If an individual student needs more organizational help, I will work one-on-one with that student.  I plan to publish this blog weekly on Fridays. (In reality, it may be Saturday mornings some weeks!)

What's New at Zion - Sycamore!!!

You should have received a login email today for Sycamore Education from Mrs. Schmidt.  This is your access to school news such as was posted in "The Banner" in previous years.  This will also be how you access your child's grades.  Please click around, and be patient as we all learn the new information system.
Meet Mrs. Dersch

  My name is Rebecca Dersch and I am so incredibly blessed to teach English to your children this year! This week we have been focusing on interpersonal relationships, speaking and listening skills, and writing. We are currently presenting our Bio Bags, and those presentations will last until Monday.  Each day we have a focus area for class and those areas are listed here below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at

Monday: spelling
Tuesday: writer's workshop and journals
Wednesday: spelling reinforcement, grammar, language skills
Thursday: the writing process (writer's workshop)
Friday: spelling unit tests, revising and editing, language skills 

PTL Back to School Night

Mark your calendar: The PTL Back to School Night is Tuesday, August 28 at 6:30 p.m. This is an "adult only" information night.  Join the 3 sixth grade teachers in Mrs. Murray's classroom to hear further information about the unique aspects of 6th grade.  There are three 20 minute session times with a 5 minute time to get to another child's classroom.   Please attend one of the 6th grade sessions.  I look forward to seeing you!