Friday, September 27, 2013

Walking in Christ

As I typed our blog today, I was being lapped by students in our Walkathon.  Some were at 8 laps,  some 12, some at 20 or more already! More important than the distance traveled (or the snacks being consumed) is the fellowship among our young people.  Students are encouraging one another to make and beat goals, laughing with one another, or getting to know someone to whom they have never had a chance to even say hello.  Kindergarteners are joining the big kids for a few laps and its wonderful to see the older students slow their pace and visit with the little ones.

We are a body of Christ.  What a blessing to celebrate this beautiful day, our health, our friends, and many other blessings.  Plus we are able to help others in need.  Check out the Sparrow's Nest Website to see who will benefit from our efforts today. Reminder: please collect pledges and return to me by Friday, October 4.


We have an excellent school at Zion - ministering to families in Jesus' love while embracing and enhancing each child's gifts.  We also know there are ways to improve.  Every 5 years, our staff goes through the National Lutheran School Accreditation process.  Teachers are looking at facilities, instruction, curriculum, relationships, school climate, and many other areas of school life.  YOUR INPUT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US.   A link to a parent survey came home by email this week and in printed in today's Banner  Please take the time to take the survey and share your comments. 

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Oct. 4 Last Day for AR
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Walkathon, Writing, and Weldon Spring

Walkathon News - A Future with Hope!

Next week is it!  Teachers are so excited about the opportunity for students to serve our neighbors around the world that we have cancelled afternoon classes Friday, Sept. 27 for students to participate in the Walkathon.  Students, have you talked to a sponsor(s)?  Have you decided on a self-pledge?  Proceeds will go toward purchasing a large item (refrigerator??) for Sparrow's Nest Maternity Home her in St. Charles.  Students will have a second opportunity to serve as we gather smaller items to donate closer to Christmas time.  Remember:

  • Dress in PE style clothing to come to school Friday:  Spirit wear or Christian t-shirt,  shorts/sweats, good walking/running shoes!! 
  • Pledges and pledge sheets are due Oct. 4


 English Class - Writing Unit

After our first grammar unit, our English class has shifted to writing.  Our first creative writing project was based on a photo prompt.  Since creativity in storytelling was a focus, less emphasis was put on proofreading errors.  Read our stories on Kidblog using the Student Blog tab above. Students had some very clever ideas. Please share your comments, too!

Our second writing project is a formal paper, a character sketch.  We used the movie, The Prince and the Pauper, for a character study, as we had read a character sketch of it's author, Mark Twain, in Literature.  This is a process writing project, meaning we take the writing through the formal steps of brainstorming/prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, and publishing. Our writing focus is paragraph structure and students are learning to compose at the computer.  As this is an in depth writing assignment, the final paper is assessed as a test grade in English.  First drafts will be due this Thursday in hard copy and are expected to be printed at home.   Should you have a need to print at school (printer failure at home, etc) please notify me by email or a note and be prepared to print at school on WEDNESDAY.

S.S. Class Climate skits

 Field Trip Fun!!
                           Thanks to the parents who chaperoned for helping make this a great day!

Learning the history of the site - TNT factory in WWII and uranium processing in Cold War era

Heading to the disposal cell

48 steps to the top of the 11 layers

We made it!

Anna sported the gear used for the environmental clean up

Using Geiger counters to test for radiation

Fiesta ware dishes contained the most radiation!

The potassium in "No Salt"  set off the beeps

Even the parents got into the action

Lunch time - just a few sprinkles

Mother may I?

Water bottle football

Example of the prairie restoration

Scavenger hunt through the interpretive center

Enjoying the afternoon of bowling