Class Info

Teacher Contact
school: 636-441-7424

Class List
1.  Henry B.
2.  Jace B.
3.  Erica B.
4.  Kayla C.
5.  Luke C.
6.  Calvin G.
7.  Gabby H.
8.  Ben J.
9.  Kaiden J.
10. Grace K.
11. Kendyl L.
12. Charlie M.
13. Elliot M.
14. Grace N.
15. Jack T.
16. Ryan T.
17. Avery W.
18. Alyssa Y.

Grade Breakdowns  (2017-18)
Category breakdowns for grades are as follows:
Religion Tests 40%  Daily Work 60% 

Memory: Tests 34%  Daily Work 33%  Reflections 33%

Literature: Tests 34 % Daily Work 33% Accelerated Reader 33 %

Soc. Studies, English, Spelling – Tests 50% Daily Work 50%
           (English: Papers and presentations count as test grade)
Science: Tests/Quizzes 50%, Daily Work 30%, Labs 20%
Math: Tests/Quizzes 55%  Daily Work 35%  Facts Tests 10%

For information on posting of grades online, absent and late work procedures,
 see the Family Handbook under the documents tab of our Zion webpage: Zion Homepage

You may certainly bring in treats to celebrate your birthday! Please keep treats reasonable for a “snack” time, prepackaged, peanut free and manufactured in a plant that is peanut free.  Also it is helpful if you prearrange the date with me so I am sure to plan time to celebrate!

Morning Snack

Our schedule has a later lunchtime.  Please plan accordingly by encouraging your child to eat a good breakfast and pack a small snack to enjoy at morning break.  Snacks allowed include:

       * Fruit & veggies
       * Cheese & crackers
       * Prepackaged items
       * Water bottles (no other drinks)

NOTE:  The classroom is a peanut – free location.  All items need to be peanut free and not processed in a facility that handles nuts.

REMINDER: The peanut policy for the cafeteria allows products containing peanuts/peanut butter at the “peanut table.”  Products processed in a facility that handles nuts may be eaten throughout the cafeteria.