Grade 6, Unit 1

Discovering God

Dear Parents,

As we begin the year, we are looking at why God has given us a Bible and just what is in it.  We will begin "out of the textbook" as we explore how the only way we know Jesus as our Savior is through God's holy Word.  Students will learn the different genres of the books of the Bible and the unifying theme of salvation by grace through faith.  We will see God's plan for our salvation was there from the beginning, even as Adam and Eve committed the first sin.  That's how much God loves us!  He had a plan for us to be with Him eternally in heaven even as we messed up His perfect Eden with our sinful choices.

Our school is your partner in the Christian education of your child. Your active role in this partnership is vital. Lead your child to see that Christian is not just a name. Be in worship with your child.  Talk about your faith walk.  Talk about our memory verses.  Being a Christian is a way of life that is empowered by the Holy Spirit working in us daily. And it is an eternal hope and certainty we have because of the cross and empty tomb of Jesus.

If you do not have a church home of your own, please visit us at Zion.  We would love to have you worship with us!

Zion Church worship times: 
Saturdays  5:00 p.m.
Sundays  8:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m.
(Until Labor Day- Mondays 7:00 p.m.)

Sunday School/Bible Study 9:30-10:15 a.m.

May God bless your family in the name of Christ Jesus!

Mrs. Riemenschneider

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