Grade 6, Unit 5

The Promised One Is Here!

Dear Parents,

After looking at how the Bible is put together,  we are now going to look at the New Testament in our study of God’s Word for us. Actually, we’ve been looking toward the New Testament for awhile, because everything in the Old Testament points to the coming of the promised Savior, Jesus Christ.
Once Jesus arrived on earth, He was not always recognized as the Messiah. Many people expected something different. Their perception of the Savior was not of someone born humbly in poverty, who came to bring peace with God, even to the worst of sinners who repented. This month we will explore Bible narratives that help us see who Jesus is, why He was born on earth, whom He came to rescue, and what He gives to all who believe.

Seeing Jesus clearly can be a real eye-opener—an epiphany—as we begin to understand His purpose in our lives and our own purpose in life as God’s people. This sounds like a lot to learn, but as we study God’s Word, we will see these simple things about Jesus: His humanity, divinity, humility, majesty, greatness, kindness, and much more. And the best part is knowing that He did all these things for us! He takes our sins on Himself (taking them to the cross in our place) and gives us His righteousness in order to transform us, making us blameless before God—forgiven and redeemed to live new lives as His people, now and for eternity.
Jesus belongs to you! You belong to Jesus!

If you do not have a church home of your own, please visit us at Zion.  We would love to have you worship with us!

Zion Church worship times: 
Saturdays  5:00 p.m.
Sundays  8:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m.

Sunday School/Bible Study 9:30-10:15 a.m.
Jr. High Bible Study meets in Mr. Braddy's room

May God bless your family in the name of Christ Jesus!

Mrs. Riemenschneider


One in Christ™. Parent Letter © 2012 Concordia Publishing House. Reproduced by permission.

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