Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24/10 Newsletter


As I type I am being lapped by our Junior High students in our Walk-a-thon.  God has blessed us with a beautiful afternoon, sun shining and a cool breeze.  Praise Him for the gifts we have to share with others!

Now that students have a mileage count, they can collect pledges and donations this week.  A donation envelope came home today and is due back next Friday.  Thank you for helping encourage your child in this wonderful servant event.  If you have not checked out the Phil's Friends website, the link is on the right side of the page. 

Field Trip October 14

On October 14, the 6th and 7th graders will be headed to the Science Center.   Our learning experience will focus on a Design Challenge Program, led by Science Center staff.  We also have tickets to explore the Grossology Exhibit and other exhibits as time allows.  There are a limited number of chaperone spots available.  If you are interested in going along as a chaperone and group leader, please contact me.  If we have more volunteers than there are spots, I will put you on a waiting list. 

Depart Zion by bus:  9:00    Return to Zion by 2:30   - Sack Lunches

Friday, September 17, 2010

9/17/10 Newsletter


Today marks the midquarter of the first quarter.  Grades were calculated as of Wednesday, Sept. 15 to be merged with all subject areas and printed.  Updates to the gradebook from assignments this week will be posted on Monday rather than the usual Friday update.  You will receive a printed midquarter that needs to be signed and returned on Monday.  NOTE:  This will be the only quarter we will print a hardcopy of the midquarter.  In future quarters, an email reminder will be sent at midquarter time and you may check grades through our online system.  At that time, if you would like to request a hardcopy of the midquarter, you may do so by emailing the office.  We will send home report cards at the end of each quarter.

Midquarter is an excellent time to ask your child about his or her impressions of the school year and personal effort.  Grades are a reflection of organization, effort, and following directions as well as ability.  Your child may need encouraging to talk with teachers and ask questions about subjects in which they feel confused.  Please contact me with concerns you have as well so we can team together to meet the needs of your child.  I feel our class has had an excellent start to the Junior High experience and are now "in the groove" of school.  

Walkathon Next Friday

We are excited to host the Walkathon portion of our Junior High service project next Friday.  Here are a few helpful tips:
  • Afternoon classes are canceled that day.  We will walk for the afternoon and finish before the end of the school day.
  • Student may come to school dressed for the event:  sweats/track pants or PE shorts (no "shorty" shorts), spirit wear shirts, and walking shoes
  • Water and refreshment stations will be provided.  Students may wish to bring their own water bottle.
  • Students may bring $.75 to purchase a soda during the afternoon.
  • Students are encouraged to "self-pledge" as well as seek donations for Phil's Friends. This may be a single amount or a "pledge-per-mile".  
  • Have you checked out the Phil's Friends website?  See the link to the side of the page.
Please pray that our students may see the blessings we have to share in this servant event as well as for the cancer patients to which we will bring the Gospel message.

Friday, September 10, 2010

9/10/10 Newsletter

Cartographers at Work

Family News

Mr. Riemenschneider and I are excited to share the news that we are expecting a baby in mid March. I am feeling well and look forward to returning to teaching after my maternity leave and for future years at Zion. We will have more information about my maternity substitute soon. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes.

New Website Unveiled

Tonight at the Technology Launch Party, parents will have an opportunity to see Zion's brand new website, along with many ways students are using technology in the classroom. Those adults who have RSVP'd can plan to try out things their children will be using.

Parent access codes to student grades will come home on Monday to all families. Please note that teachers are learning many new ways the website and gradebook can be a communication tool, and we will have a few glitches on the way as we learn the procress. What would be most helpful to me would be to know the type of content you would like to see on our classroom page. I want the site to be a useful place for families. A quick comment on our blog would spark ideas from other parents as well. Thank you in advance for your input.