Friday, February 26, 2016

Week 27: Chapel leaders, cell projects, and pep assembly

Thanks to our class photographer, Rebecca for these great shots!

What's happening in 6th grade:

Chapel leaders - Several students led a game show skit in chapel this week on "Temptations and consequences"where kids used the Lifeline of God's Word to help them make tough choices.  Great job actors and worship leaders!  Our offering team received a contact back from the pastor at Bethelehem Lutheran who is helping with ministries at Messiah.  We have good information to share with our schoolmates on chapel offerings.  It was nice to see several parents attend chapel. 

Lit- Along with the play this week, we are wrapping up our Nonfiction unit with a look at biographical writings.  Our essays and narratives featured Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, Beverly Cleary and Helen Keller.  We will spend a few days learning about disabilites, inspired by our reading after we test.

S.S. - China and population issues - Did you know the world topped 7 billion people this decade?

Science - Mrs. Murray's blog has great photos of the students with their cell projects!

Grandparents Day is coming -  Grandparents Day is coming March 11!  Please keep those white dismissal forms coming in.  Remember its an 11:30 dismissal that day.

Scholastic Book fair is coming!  We will not have a book order go in this month in anticipation of the book fair.

***Great job at Jump Rope for Heart - our school high $11,000 was raised!


Field trip photos:




Friday, February 19, 2016

Week 26: A Time to Serve

Parents - Please remember COLD LUNCH on Tuesday for our MO History Museum field trip.
                 Look for the Grandparents Day yellow invitation and white  dismissal form that came 
                 home today.  Please return the latter when you know your plans for the day.

Blessed to Serve!
A group of our 6th graders jumped rope today to help the American Heart Association.  Mrs. Steinbacher reported they did a wonderful job and was thrilled with their efforts!

The rest of us got outside on this gorgeous day and picked up litter around the campus.  With plastic gloves and keen eyes we filled more than 10 plastic grocery bags.  Who knew there were so many bits of paper, wrappers, cups, and ODD things.  Special cheers for the girls who took on the icky bag of lunch garbage that spilled outside the dumpster!!

Wednesday Chapel
 On Wednesday, Feb 24, 6R will help with our chapel service.  Some will perform the chancel skit: 'Temptation and Consequences" and lead the service.  Others are helping research more about where our chapel offerings go and will be encouraging stewardship among our schoolmates with motivational posters and PA announcements in the coming weeks.  It's exciting to see students serve in this way. Chapel is from 8:10-8:45 if you are able to join us.  Parents are welcome every week!

On Sycamore:  info on Great Skate, Sausage Supper, Auction Round Up, Achievement testing, Easter Egg Hunt and more.  Link on upper right of this page.

Hey Moms!

Please consider attending Zion's Girlfriend Gathering the weekend of February 26/27.  Hear guest speaker Katie Schuermann on her book  Pew Sisters  as we will reflect on Comforting Each Other in Christ. It is a meaningful non-overnight event that combines fellowship with other Christian women and an opportunity to learn how to comfort each other. Friday evening includes presentation by Katie and dessert fellowship; Saturday morning includes breakfast, an additional presentation by Katie, and panel discussions.

$10.00 per day. If you have any questions, please contact Angela Gielow at

To register online or for more information,

 Gathering Schedule:
Friday, February 26, 2016

6:00 pmCheck- In

6:30 pmOpening

7:00 pmKeynote Speaker, Katie Schuermann presents: “Caring for Each Other”

8:00 pmFellowship and Dessert
Saturday, February 27, 2016

7:15 amCheck-In (For Saturday Morning only attendees)

7:30 amContinental Breakfast

8:00 amKeynote Speaker, Katie Schuermann presents: “Caring for Ourselves ”

9:15 amPanel Discussion

11:00 amClosing

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week 25: Midquarter

Second half of the 3rd quarter began on Monday.  This is a good time to review grades on Sycamore with your child and help him or her set goals.  Has an AR test been taken?  Does your child need to ask more questions of a teacher in a subject?  Teachers are typically available in study hall times to answer questions and work with students.  We are in the "meat" of the school year and subjects that came easily early in the year may be more challenging now.  Learning how to take charge of one's learning is a step in your maturing child's development.  God blesses us as parents as we support and encourage this growth!

What's Happening in 6th grade:
G Math:  Negative Numbers and Inequalities

 T Math:  Finishing fraction operations.  We start dividing mixed numbers and reviewing for our fraction test.  Students may have "correct and return" papers. 

We have been following Saul, David, and Solomon's stories and used them to apply the petitions of the Lord's Prayer to our lives.  As we looked at "and lead us not into temptation," We saw David's downfall and how God led him to repentance.  We rejoice in God's love and grace!  As we saw Solomon build the temple, we discussed "thine is the Glory" and giving God the glory through our day to day actions.  This will inspire a class faith project: building awareness among our schoolmates about our chapel offerings.

Literature:   We have begun a non-fiction unit with a look at a war diary.  In honor of President's day, we read a biography of Lincoln.  We are comparing this literary style to an autobiography of beloved children's author, Beverly Cleary.  We will move on to expository essays on breaking the color barrier in baseball.  This will lead up to our FIELD TRIP  to the MO History Museum and to see the drama Cassius Clay later in the month.  Permission slips came home today.

As we study non-fiction, we look at structure (chronological, compare/contrast, ...) as well as styles (essay, biography, narrative...).  During this unit, I am steering students who are interested toward some excellent nonfiction works as well as historical novels.

English:  Adjectives and Advertising!

Social Studies:  We are looking at India and the comparative advantages a country has that lead other nations to outsource jobs.  Our Asian studies will take us next to China, then Japan to explore population issues.

Science:  CELLS!!


MARK THE DATE:  Feb. 23 is our field trip to the MO History Museum

                                      March 11 is Grandparents' Day for grades 1-8.

Book Order Due Date    TOMORROW Friday, Feb. 12 Online Code:  GV2FP 

After learning about the temple and how we are to be a living sacrifice, we played a game

It was about finances and making decisions to SAVE, SPEND, or SHARE

Serving God is about all of our lives, not just worshipping on Sunday

Of course, we were all in it for the money!  But the game made us think about caring for our families (insurance, investments) or serving our neighbors (charities)

Working on our IT articles for Social Studies
Ask your child what they have learned about outsourcing (they may need help to use the vocabulary)


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week 24: Ski Photos

What a wonderful day we had!  Your children did a great job of encouraging and (literally) lifting each other up.  It was neat to see kids try something that was challenging and work through it at their own comfort level.  Hidden Valley staff also shared what a good group we have to work with - attentive and cooperative!

Our next Field trip will be coming quickly, Thursday, Feb. 23.  We will be attending the play Cassius Clay with a tie in to our Literature nonfiction unit and African American History month.  Details to come home soon.  We should be covered for chaperones.

Weekly Notes:
  •  Lent begins this week with Ash Wednesday.  In our study of the Lord's Prayer, we have had many discussions of temptation, evil, and forgiveness.  Lent is a good time for reflection on just why Christ came - for my sin.  You are invited to Zion worship Wednesdays at 3:30 or 7:00.  Soup and salad are served between the services.  NOTE: Please do not park in the handicapped spots for pickup on Wednesdays as several of our senior members arriving for services will need those spots.
  • V. Day party on Thursday - exchanging Valentines is entirely optional
  • No School Fri/Mon for President's weekend
  • Next Book order came home - send in checks this week or order online by FRIDAY 
  • Cell projects have begun!  Make plans now for partners to get together.  

Mrs. Murray has lots of photos on her blog as well!

Finding our boot size

Helping each other get ski boots on

Smile Jordan!

Frankie and Kanin
Even Mrs. M. needed help!

Gabby and Kaytie heading to the equipment area

Line up and learn the basics of skiier's position

Anna,  another student, Drew, Ian, Seth, Frankie

So serious - studying the footwork of our instructor

Jack and Caleb side step up the hill

Ryan getting a little one-on-one with the ski instructor

Anna - it's all good!

Bradie and Drew on the magic carpet

Caleb and Zoe

The magic carpet taking kids up the hill

Joseph and others heading up for another turn.  The instructors made sure kids could stop, turn, and be "in control" before moving on to the rope tow and "bunny hill"  chair lift

Annelise, Avery, Livia, and Allie strike a pose

Lining up to catch the rope tow up the hill

Lunch break
Mrs. M. and Mrs. G. enjoying watching

Getting off the rope tow at the top - step away Zoe!  Drew and Annelise are behind you!


Gabby, Livia, Kaytie
Henry on the ski lift - hardly looks like winter!


Sam T.


Caleb - but don't worry!  He did not crash here, but gradually slid off the edge!

By the end of the day, the kids were ready to "show off"

The whole gang!