Friday, December 22, 2017

Week 19: Merry Christmas

From the class blogger: Ryan

This week we had a mixed P.E. We had a choice of playing dodge ball or volleyball. On Wednesday the 1st and 2nd graders lead chapel with the theme of "Christmas Around the World." On Thursday we had a mystery to solve. We were against 6P to unlock a box with 6 locks on it! Then on Friday we watched a movie and the 8th graders and kindergarten lead chapel. We then had a Christmas party! Then we went home at 12 o'clock since we had a half day. Overall we had a fun and entertaining week.

From Mrs. R:

It's been a fast paced week, with end of the quarter tests, Disciple poster presentations, watching The Nativity Story in Religion, and a bit of fun mixed in.  Today we had a special Christmas worship led by our 8th graders and Kindergarten.  Grandma knew best on how we need to focus our thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas.  Ask your child how the different characters in the Nativity story fit with the modern family and their holiday troubles.   
I pray you and your family are able to have a restful and worshipful holiday.  Jesus came to bring peace, love, and joy.  May we reflect the wonder of knowing He saves us!

Merry Christmas!
Mrs. Riemenschneider